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Tone of Voice Guidelines


Tone of voice guidelines

All of our content aims to be:

  1. Inclusive. Put yourself in the shoes of our readers, be considerate and don’t patronise them. Treat them with the respect they deserve.

  2. Approachable. Create content that encourages people to pick up Counter Journal even if it’s the first time they’ve seen it. Let them know their value, and be genuine.

  3. Diverse. It’s important that our readers are comfortable; we want to appeal to people of all backgrounds.

  4. Interesting. Teach the reader something new, and give them opportunities to learn more. Use language that informs them and encourages them to keep turning pages.

  5. Relatable. Adapt the tone to reflect content and context, and always write like a human. Act natural.

Our readers are like ourselves: smart and woke. Treat them with respect; don’t be pretentious or dumb it down. Kiwi slang is sweet as but don’t overdo it, and we always stand up for and stand by our values.