Counter Journal


Frequently Asked Questions—
Where can I buy one? Who are you? What does it all mean? Find out the answers to all your wild and crazy questions about Counter Journal here.


Frequently Asked Questions

+ How many times is Counter Journal published each year?

We publish a new issue every three months—MAR/JUN/SEP/DEC

+ What does Pilot Issue mean?

The ‘Pilot Issue’ is similar to a pilot TV episode. It’s a proof of concept, taking our idea and turning it into a tangible ‘thing’—an actual product. From here we move into Issue One, Two, Three, etc.

+ Where can I buy Counter Journal?

Buy it online through our shop or check our stockist list here to see where you can purchase CJ in your town or city.

+ Why do I need to pay for shipping?

We endeavour to provide a high quality product at an affordable price, and work closely with local courier providers to offer flat-rate shipping at a fair charge. All orders are sent via tracked courier in sustainable paper satchels that can be reused or recycled easily at home.

+ Why is international shipping so expensive?

We trialled cheaper, untracked envelopes and encountered too many issues with delays, lost items and damaged contents. The reality is that courier companies charge a premium for international service, and it is usually based on item weight. We don’t make any money on courier fees. The best way to get cheaper (or free!) delivery is to ask for CJ at your local independent boutique/bookstore—and it helps us too!

+ Who the hell do you think you are?

Bonnie and Zack! You can read more about us and Counter Journal here.

+ Isn’t print dead?

Nope! The resurgence of analogue products is well and truly here, and independent publishing is on the rise once more. There is a growing global trend toward slow journalism and being a conscious consumer and we are stoked to be a part of it.

+ I can’t read te reo Māori! Why is it used in your magazine?

We are proud to use Aotearoa’s indigenous language in our publication. Some of our te reo features also include an English translation. If you come across a word you don’t know, there’s an easy way to learn what it means—visit or better yet, sign up for a class and learn it for yourself! It is one of New Zealand’s official languages after all.