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Chili Philly


The Instagram star and self-described ‘maker of art’ has been creating food inspired crochet outfits over the past few years, and in that time has amassed quite the impressive social media following. Now, Phil is in the midst of his first ever international exhibition right here in Aotearoa as part of the incredible Wellington On A Plate festival.

No Way Crochet is a free exhibition on now until Sunday 1st September, check it out at Te Auaha, Ground Floor Gallery.


For our full interview with Phil plus photos of him modelling some of his hottest ‘fits, grab a copy of Issue Two now.

How would you explain what you do to a five year old?
I make knitted hats that look like food.

What is your favourite piece?
The first one, the burger hat. It isn’t the best thing I’ve made but it’s what started the process so I have a certain fondness for that, a kind of sentimental value.

A collection of Phil's works on display in Wellington this week.

Favourite cuisine?

Describe your personal style.
Shorts, black shoes, plain tee—basically the complete opposite of the outfits I make.

Have you ever sold a piece to a collector?
Once or twice through exhibitions, but that’s very rare. If a brand I’ve worked with requests the piece then sure, they can have it.

The specially commissioned piece he created for Visa Wellington On A Plate 2019, 'Welly Belly'.

Chili Philly | Maker of art | Melbourne artist
Find more of his work at & @chiliphilly

Phil’s exhibition is on now at Te Auaha courtesy of Visa Wellington On A Plate and the Wellington Culinary Events Trust. Fun, food-inspired handmade outfits, bright colours and hilarious creativity come together for this limited show—not to be missed! More details here.