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My Desk: Bonny Beattie


Everyday items, productivity tips and a beautiful workspace come together in this regular feature where we chat to business owners and creatives about their work and the things they surround themselves with to help make good work happen.

Bonny is a photographer and stylist based in Wellington, creating incredible work for a variety of commercial and private clients in Aotearoa. I visited Bonny at her home studio where we discussed freelancing, staying motivated at home and her custom-built desks that adorn the beautiful space.

Clockwise from top left: Bonny Beattie at her home studio; 'This is Ground' leather cable pouch & fabric zip case by Fictive Fingers, a screen printing studio in Singapore; Bando milkshake cup; Brass floor lamp and ceramic planter from op shop.

What do you do for a living and where are you based?
I am a commercial photographer, and I specialise in product photography and styling. I am in Churton Park, Wellington where I work from home.

What’s the most used item on your desk?
To be perfectly honest it’s my phone! Playing old tv shows while I edit or listening to podcasts and scrolling Instagram.

Clockwise from top left: Wooden bowl & emu egg; Assorted pens & pencils close at hand; Vintage file drawers double as a laptop stand and portable hard drive/cable storage; The centrepiece of the office space, a Macbook Pro, iMac & The Emotional Culture Deck.

What is one thing on your desk that you can’t live without?
The antique file drawers that act as the stand for my laptop and are the perfect size to stow my hard drives. It keeps my desk clear of cords and wires which definitely helps maintain a good frame of mind for work.

Do you prefer to make notes digitally or with pen and paper?
I always take notes with pen and paper when chatting on the phone with clients or jotting down my ideas, and then I like to digitise them; usually in Google Docs so myself and my clients have access to them from anywhere.

Top tip/s for a productive work environment?
Having my office at home is great, but it also has its own challenges. Some things that work for me are having regular breaks to take advantage of the sun if there’s washing that needs doing, or to take a walk. That way I don’t keep getting up and down from what I’m doing for work which means it takes so much longer! Also making sure that home stuff doesn’t creep into the office, again all about avoiding distractions. And keeping a tidy desk with things you like on it.

You can find more of Bonny and her work at the links below: | @bonny.beattie