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Counter Journal brings you the most interesting stories you never knew you wanted to read.

We focus on sharing interesting stories accompanied by stunning photography and illustration in a way that is beautifully designed with an incredible attention to detail. Counter Journal is a quarterly print publication designed to compliment your coffee table and enhance your lifestyle. The Pilot Issue contains a selection of product features, profiles, guides, illustrations and informative articles for people who like art, photography, culture, design, beauty and fashion, with an interest in the entrepreneurial spirit. Consider it the editorial version of a coffee date with a stylish friend.

Take a quick peek at some of the interesting tales you’ll find in our very first issue.

NYC mockup.jpg

Manhattan on 35mm - Zack Holmes

“A collection of photos from Manhattan and other boroughs. Shot on 35mm expired Kodak Gold & Ilford XP2. Developed by Imaging Coliseum NYC.”

Nisa Mockup.jpg

Elisha Watson (Nisa)

“What you quickly learn is that, while sewing is in some ways a simple skill, to create very high quality garments in an efficient way is an art and a science.”


Womanhood - Megan Fermo

“There was hesitant laughter from our co-workers. I saw conflict in their faces which they quickly pushed away, wanting to move on from this conversation and return to work. After all, what harm could a joke do?”

Tritoan Ly Mockup.jpg

Tritoan Ly (Seventh Day Studio)

“I think my real talent is an attribute of my character; when I get interested in something I obsess over it.”